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Tax preparation services

We Have Over 35 Years of Providing Quality Tax Preparation Services To Individuals, Families, and Small Business Owners!


Professional Tax

Preparation Service

We can provide you top quality tax preparation services for you and your family.  Contact us now!


Help With 

Tax Paper Work

Tax paperwork can be be confusing.  Let us help unrangle your tax paperwork so that you can make sense of it.

Refund Advance Loan

As a tax payer.we understand the importance of getting your refund fast.  But the IRS can be slow to deliver.  At ComproTax we can provide you with a Refund Advancement Loan.

Tax Problems Resolution

Tax problems can become a nightmare.  Let us help you resolve your tax problems so that you can sleep in peace.

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Let's Strike Up A Conversation

Have Questions?  Call us at 713-825-0839 and let us show you how our expertise can save you time and money

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